Tuesday, 7 July 2009

MRFC - Junior Club Captain needs YOUR help!

Hi Guys!

As you know the season will be starting very shortly, in just a few months time.

So it is crucial that we put Millwall Rugby forward as a very respectable and talented club to get our name out there in the open.

In order to help with this, I am currently organising a recruitment session for Friday the 10th of July to have a few teams of around 3-6 people walk around the island handing flyer's into shops and local businesses, just asking if they can put a few up in the window, or on the counter that sort of thing.

What I plan to do is get around 4-6 groups of 3-6 people. 3 of which current youth players, and 1 coach(and/or adult member) stationed at different areas around the island, and walk your specific routes and finally meeting back at the club house.

you WONT be walking miles to be doing this, as the more groups we get ... the less you have to walk because all the areas are already covered ! Simples !

So I'm asking everyone to please come forward and offer your support but don’t think we will let you go hungry and the club has offered to either pay for fish and chips all round or knock up some smashing food for us all in the club house !

The times i am putting forward are:

4:15-30pm - Meet out side Millwall Club House
4:30pm (possibly sooner providing everyone shows early) - leave in our groups to our destinations/ area's
Around 5:30 To 6:30pm - meet outside clubhouse for home made/take away food and possibly a thrashing on the X-Box.

Your Support is very much needed and appreciated!


Steven Corleys
Jr. Club Captain