Sunday, 7 November 2010

RFU Grand Draw 2010-11

The RFU Grand Draw for 2011 is upon us again and is a method by which all Rugby clubs can raise funds. The club gets 90% of the monies generated.

The RFU Grand Draw is a simple and risk free way to raise funds for our club. Each year the Draw Society organises a pool of fantastic prizes for the draw. RFU registered clubs, schools, colleges and Referee Societies are then eligible to receive a quantity of free Grand Draw tickets, from which they keep 90 per cent of all sale proceeds.

Last year the Draw raised £475,000 overall fo Rugby Clubs across the country. Let’s all try and make it a cool £500,000 this time!

Our club receives 90 per cent of the money it raises plus the chance to win valuable prizes in the Draw.

1st prize is £10,000 cash!
2nd Prize is a Business class return air tickets from The UK to Dubai.
3rd Prize is Two Business Class return air tickets on any BMI operated flight, 
followed by 36 other great prizes.

The Draw takes place on the 25th March 2011 and we have until February to return all of our sold tickets.

The benefits to our club:
Each year the Grand Draw provides clubs and schools with everything they need to take part in the fund raising: tickets, instructions, promotional material – even the postage is pre-paid. This means:

•No cost to the club
•No risk to the club
•Minimal time in organising ticket sales
•We receive 90 per cent of the value of the tickets sold as a tax-free donation

All members will currently be given a couple of books of tickets to try and sell to family and friends, work colleagues etc.,

Please do your utmost to assist with the selling of tickets.

There will be a prize for the most Individual Ticket Sales of a £30 Club Shop Voucher, and a special 'Team' prize for the most ticket sales from all the teams at Millwall Lions.

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  1. If anyone else in the club would like to help sell tickets, please contact Matt Shorrock at who's coordinating this.