Thursday, 11 October 2012

Halloween Party for the Entire Club!!!!

Hi Everyone!

We're really excited to include the youth section in this year's Halloween Party!!!  We will have games for kids of all ages including bobbing for apples, a pinata full of sweets, and mummy races (see who can make a mummy the fastest).  There will be additional activities for the kids during the day!  Please read below for the full description of the party!  We really look forward to seeing you there!!!  If you'd like to volunteer on the day or have any questions, please email me at 

Halloween Party – 27th of October
The party will start around 3 pm and go on all night!  We invite anyone with kids to come down during the day since we’ll have activities for young and old alike.  There will be a piñata filled with sweets, mummy races and bobbing for apples along with some other activities.  These activities will be repeated later on in the evening for those that are unable to attend during the day.

It looks like we will end up with a psychic who reads tarot cards, photography readings (digital or print), and is a medium.  The cost will be £25 per reading and there is no time restriction.   Let me know via email if you’re interested in a reading (it’s not a booking but just to make sure that we’re not wasting someone else’s time).

It would be great if we could make this Halloween to encompass many countries traditions so let me know if you have any traditions that you’d like for us to incorporate.

We encourage anyone who’d like to play dj to please bring down your ipod and play whatever music you’d like.  Also, anyone who is already trained on the bar to please sign up for shifts by signing up on the rota.  Lastly, it would be great to get some help with coordinating some of the activities.  Please email if you’d like to help out!

The event is on the Millwall Facebook page so you can get updated information through there!
Please note that kids are allowed in the clubhouse until 8 pm.

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