Wednesday, 11 March 2009

MRFC - Junior Club Captain's Log, March 2009

Dear Players & Parents,

Hi to you all! Sorry it's been a little while since my last update - busy times!

The season is now, slowly coming to and end... and my gosh, what a year it has been!

We have successfully created 4 different age groups, along with help from the josh lewsey academy we are now able to put out under 17's, under 15's under 13's and under 10's....and we are even on the verge of an U9s as well! That's more than the adults put out on a good week! And it is all thanks to the hard working volunteers who put in major effort week in week out non stop!

I think our main aim now is to, keep our steady numbers up and try to make more fixtures a regular thing for all age groups for next season. We also have two teams competing in the Essex leagues next season (U17 and U13) which is a big achievement in itself and everybody should be congratulated!

I am also proud to announce that we are about to SMASH the adults in terms of paid up members this season. We currently have 86 paid members to the adults 96 - when you think that we only started paying memberships for the first time this season it's pretty awesome. So a very big thank you to everyone who helped recruit, we should all be very proud ... and remember to rub it in the adult teams face when you see them!

This year, Jim Fitzpatrick is once again hosting the annual dinner and awards night, in.... You guessed it ... the House of Commons! Members tickets are currently being sold at £45, but talking from experience...these will sell out pretty quick, as there really is nothing like it. The food is delicious, the tours are fascinating and the atmosphere is tremendous! So please, if you would like to join us on our adventure please contact You can contact Kathy Garwood (Event Organiser) via ASAP for details.

You may be slightly disheartened as the season is closing... but never fear! There will be many different events taking place such as evening touch rugby twice a week or club house events, being taken throughout the summer & off season, so please come down and have some fun in preparation for the brand new season that faces us! Look out for our summer programme as well, which should keep everyone busy and out of trouble! =)

There's still a lot happening this season, especially the ROW end of season festival (England V Rest of the world day) which includes ... England V Rest of the Worlds match, the Under 15's will be in action as will the U10s and U13s, but the big clash will be the Millwall Coaches XV vs Under 17's, which I for one... cant wait for, as I'm sure neither can the coaches!!!

Our Youth Chair, Matt Shorrock tells me that has now been fully updated - including a new Lions Blog!  So be sure to check it out for all the latest Millwall Lions info.

Finally, I am looking for some idea's to put across to the youth committee for next season... so please come forward with your suggestions on how to make the club better and more enjoyable for all, i would be more then happy to hear them!

Now... Lets go and finish the season with a Bang, and hear the true...Millwall Lions Roarrr!!!!!!


Steven Corleys
Jr. Club Captain

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