Friday, 27 March 2009

The Young Ones - 28th March 2009

Greetings to you all, Sun the 22 Mar see another 3 youth fixtures played on home ground with an ever growing crowd of spectators formed from both parents & carers of millwall players to passersby who just stopped on their way past while walking through the park, seeing regular games being played on the park seems to be creating a little interest in the club from non members & who knows, maybe some of the local comunitee.

First to play were the U10’s who played Barking and even though there were no try’s for the young cubs, the game proved to us coaching staff that the team are improving. There are still some areas that need work but the team seemed to enjoy the experience & are now hungry for a win.

Next up was the U9’s who also played a visiting Barking side. The enthusiasm of the young cubs was unfairly reflected by the result of the match which ended with only 1 try from the Millwall team with the visitors crossing the line 4 times.

Finally the U13’s took to the pitch playing Thurrock. Despite showing promise at the start of the game, it soon was clear to see that the defence was still in need of some attention & some lazy tackling made it a frustrating start for the lions. As long as the ball stayed in front of the pack there was a positive attitude to gaining possession from the visitors & at time this worked with a couple of turnover balls coming from the lions rucks & scrums.

However, once the ball past the front line defence there seemed a general reluctance to chase the ball with a couple of exceptions being Jacob Lajollie & Shaun Mullholland who’s kicking game once again saved the Lions from a few more try’s being scored against them.

This Sun the 29 Mar will see the Shoreditch Sharks visiting Millwall to play the Cubs and U13s. Matches will kick off at 11 and 11:45am.

As it is the grand opening weekend for the Clubhouse everyone is encouraged to come along and spend some time (& money) using the facilities/Bar while offering some support for the young ones.

There is a petition going around to encourage the council to allow the senior teams to use the pitch on Saturdays, if anyone would like to sign this petition and see more rugby being played on the park please visit & follow the links.

We all look forward to see you on the touch line cheering on the clubs future stars and hopefully mixing on a social basis.

Gary Mclaughlin (Youth Coach)