Friday, 24 April 2009

Notice of Club AGM‏


Another Season has come and gone and it is that time of year for the Club’s AGM. This is a great time for members to have their say airing their views on how the club has been and should be run, set the priorities for the coming season and elect your representatives on the committee to deliver them.

This year’s AGM will be held at the Clubhouse with an 11am start (I know its early but people need extra time afterwards to get ready for the HoC dinner).

There will be FREE BEER on offer but you will need to get there early to take advantage of this.

As well as the elections of the new officers there will also be the voting for the Player of the Year Awards (for each team) and also the Clubman of the Year.


In response to various issues that the committee has faced over the past year, we have formulated some changes to the club’s formal Constitution. We are trying to head off possible problems in the future and to make the club’s rules better reflect the growing club we belong to.

It is the recommendation of this year’s committee that the constitution be changed on the following subjects.

1. This committee feels lots of problems are created by the ‘less than perfect’ handover of responsibilities from one committee to the next. At present, one set of people run the club up to the AGM meeting, and new committee takes over immediately after – often not really knowing what their responsibilities are. After discussion, the committee agreed that it would be better to adopt a system similar to the way the US elects it Presidents [Barack Obama was elected in November but didn’t actually become President until January]. We therefore propose that the current committee stay “in post” after the AGM until 1st August. This would give new committee members nearly 3 months to work alongside the existing committee member before taking over in time for the new season.

2. As part of the requirements for the funding we have received from the RFU, the club was required to look into “incorporating” the club – in particular as a “company limited by guarantee” – which has the effect of making the club a legal body and protecting the individual committee members from being sued etc. which is the case at present. After much discussion, the committee has agreed to recommend that the club become a company limited by guarantee as soon as possible. This would replace the existing constitution of the club with written “Articles of Association” but would have relatively little effect on the day to day running of the club. The club would still be owned by its members.

These points will be put to the members of the club before the election of the new management committee. If passed these will be implemented at the elections of the new officers and the changes made to the constitution of Millwall Rugby Football Club.

Eligibility to Vote

All Club Members (whether Life Members, Social Members or Full
Members) are entitled to vote. If you are unsure about your eligibility please see the list on our website at or contact the Treasurer, David Leftley or email . Dave will be on hand to accept Membership Payments and/or Standing Orders for next season's Membership - anyone joining at the AGM will be eligible to vote.

Voting by Email

If you are not able to attend the AGM in person, you may cast your votes by email. You should make your voting intentions clear and send the mail - from your usual email address - to . All votes cast in this way must be received by midday on Friday 8th May 2009. We want people to attend the meeting and take part in the discussions…please DO NOT vote by email if you can attend the meeting itself.

Voting by Proxy

If you are not able to attend the AGM in person, you may cast your votes by proxy. This means that you appoint someone who will be at the meeting to vote on your behalf. To appoint a proxy, you must notify the Secretary, Victor Okpevba, in writing (use the email address or hand a signed note to Victor personally) before 11am on 8th May 2009 clearly stating that you appoint to act as your proxy and exercise voting rights on your behalf at the AGM. You should also make sure that the proxy knows that he/she will be acting as your proxy. Proxy votes cannot be cast by email.

Remember, there will be FREE BEER on offer but you will need to get there early to take advantage of this.

I hope to see all of you there.

Mike Costin
Chairman, Millwall Rugby Football Club.