Monday, 11 May 2009

MRFC - Coaching Nominations for 2009/10 Season

Dear Players & Parents,

Well the 2008/09 has come to a close and what a season it has been!

The creation of 5 new youth teams, along with hugely successful adult teams has made this the greatest Millwall Rugby Club season EVER!

But we aren't resting on our laurels.

Thoughout the Off-Season, we'll be running an exciting Summer Programme to the kids and adults alike interested until the new season rolls around.

Alongside this, we'll be working on some big publicity and recruitment activities - please be ready to help out when asked, as we have some grand plans and we'll need all the help we can get.



Are you interested in getting into coaching youth rugby? 

Perhaps you'd like to put your good organisational skills to good use?

Millwall Lions are now seeking nominations for Team Managers, Assistant and Head Coaches for the coming season. If you are interested, please complete the nomination form, which can be found at the address below: 10.doc

We will try to accommodate your highest preference but this may not always be possible. Therefore please ensure that you have ranked your 2nd and 3rd preferences accordingly.

Please return the form to me either by post or email by 29th May 2009 to ensure your preference is available.


Finally, a BIG thank you to all the players, parents, coaches, team managers, committee members, volunteers and supporters for your inut into the greatest Millwall Rugby Club season of all time!!

Let's get to work now to ensure next season is EVEN BETTER!


Matt Shorrock
Youth Chair
Millwall Rugby Club

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