Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Millwall Under 10s - Plea for help!

Dear Players & Parents,

I'm hoping you can help me!

The School of Hard Knocks Rugby Academy (formerly Josh Lewsey's Rugby
Academy) is about to start attending Millwall RFC training sessions on
Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

I had a coach all lined up to welcome and train these kids, seperate
from the other youth teams. But that coach has let me down and 'cried
off' so much that I can no longer depend on him being there!

I desperately need a coach or coaches to take over coaching the
academy kids.

The kids are aged 9 and 10 and come from 5 schools within Tower
Hamlets. They have learnt tag rugby in their school sessions and the
plan is for us to introduce the basics of contact rugby to them.

If you can help out, even if its on the odd occasion only, please do
get in touch asap!

You'll be required to be at the Lower Paddock by 6pm on a Wednesday
evening and by 10:30am on a Sunday morning.

My existing youth coaches already have their hands full with their own

Please, please, please help out if you can!

Email me at youthchair@millwallrugby.com


Matt Shorrock

Youth Chair

Millwall Rugby Club

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